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Periodically, the library invites an individual that it admires to respond in writing to a book from the library that engages them. The majority of work produced from the library is visual in nature, yet the library contains a tremendous amount of written material that also merits attention. Word Processor is an initiative that encourages critical investigations of the wide-ranging information, attitudes and ideologies contained within the library's collection.

For the current installment, Sarah Bay Gachot presents Micro Man: Computers and the Evolution of Consciousness, an investigation into the utopian visions of artist and cyberneticist Gordon Pask's 1982 book of the same title. You can read it here.

Previous installments of Word Processor

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201212/03Lawrence Abu Hamdan Sound and Ultrasonics
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09/04Nancy Goldring Walls: Enrichment and Ornamentation
07/02Corina Bardoff The Observer's Book of Weather
05/14Susan M. Lee How Do They Get Rid of It?
04/02Elizabeth Zuba Hypnography: A Study in the Therapeutic Use of Hypnotic Painting
02/16Kurt Gottschalk A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates
01/03Mairead Case The Shocking Truth About Water: The Universal Fluid of Death
201111/14Jim Hanas Advertising Procedure
08/16Sarah Leonard Possibility of Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe