Although the Reanimation Library does not collect zines, it does recognize a kindred spirit in those libraries and alternative spaces that have developed zine collections. The Library encourages zine makers to use its collection for source material and inspiration.

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Alternative Media Library and Resource Center of New Haven

The Alternative Media Library and Resource Center is a non-profit media collective and creative venue that seeks to bring underground media, experimental art, and new forms of creative expression to students and others in New Haven. Projects include filmmaking, screenings of independent films, facilitating discussions and forums on alternative media and media activism, and supporting the artistic projects of affiliated organizations and individuals.

The Alternative Press Collection at Minneapolis Community and Technical College

The MCTC Library Alternative Press Collection consists mostly of materials produced by publishers who traditionally have been referred to as "leftist," or "progressive." However, the library also collects some material published by the alternative "right."

The Alternatives Library at Cornell University

The Alternatives Library is dedicated to providing free and open access to materials expressing viewpoints and information not readily available through the mainstream publications and mass-media sources. It is free and open to all. Books, periodicals, and audio and video tapes are available for circulation to both the academic and greater Ithaca community.

The Barnard College Zine Collection

The Barnard College Zine Collection collects primarily in the area of women's studies, featuring personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, feminism, lesbians, menstruation, parenting, sexual assault, war, and other topics.

Civic Media Center Alternative Press Library and Reading Room

The Civic Media Center Alternative Press Library and Reading Room, located in Gainesville, Florida, has over ten-thousand books, journals, 'zines, videotapes, audio tapes, and newspapers by independent, non-corporate press on a wide variety of subjects.

Denver Zine Library

The Denver Zine Library is a community-run zine resource and lending library. Its website has a searchable online catalog.

Little Maga/Zine Collection at San Francisco Public

Created in the 1960s in response to the flourishing San Francisco renaissance, this collection spans the twentieth century, with a special emphasis on the San Francisco experience. This growing collection contains over 1,200 titles representing the literary and cultural phenomenon of zines.

The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

The U-C IMC Library is a non-profit volunteer collective that supports the information needs of IMC media creators and the community at large. The library collects material that gives voice to those not represented in mainstream media outlets, especially those materials not available at other local libraries.

The West Coast Zine Archive at San Diego State University

The West Coast Zine Archive is a non-circulating zine collection based at San Diego State University. It is open to all patrons of the library.

The Zine Archive & Publishing Project at Ricahrd Hugo House

Located in Seattle's Richard Hugo House, The Zine Archive & Publishing Project exists to validate independent publications (extant and defunct, past and present), to promote the perpetuation of the art form, and to champion freedom of speech and creative cultural evolution. The ZAPP collects zines, comics, chapbooks, pamphlets, journals, gazettes, city papers, fan 'zines, art mags, monographs, short anthologies, personal transmissions, and other not-so-easily classified independent publications for preservation and display.

The Zine Collection at Salt Lake Public

The SLP Library zine collection is a non-circulating collection that was started in 1997. It currently has about 6,000 zines from all around the world, 15 subscriptions, and a number of reference books on zines.

The Zine Reading Room at Pond

Based in San Francisco, Pond is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum through which experimental artists may share ideas and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the larger community. Their goal is to offer an accessible place for individual and community groups to develop and execute ideas in a non-competitive atmosphere.